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What and Who Are the Scottish Formby Group?

The Scottish Formby Group was founded by Scott Barker and Nick MacIvor a few years ago. Since then the SFG has grown in membership to around 20 like minded people from all over Scotland. They meet, usually every couple of months, to sing Formby songs and remember the great man himself. They can also be found travelling down to The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool to attend The George Formby Society meetings held four times a year. The George Formby ukulele banjo technique is also provided to newcomers who want to learn to play like the great man himself. Although playing the ukulele it is not mandatory - we all gather mainly to have fun and lot's of it.

Sergeant Major Solo Tutorial: Scott Barker

In this video Scott shows us how to play the Seargent Major Solo. He really breaks the solo down for the beginner showing them every little flourish and technique. Scotts teaching style comes from being a professional music teacher and is very easy to understand. Thanks Scott...

SFG Thrash at the Glenfarg Hotel

Here we are enjoying ourself at the Glenfarg Hotel in Pethshire. A Formby thrash really gets the beginners up on the stage - no-matter what level of expertise they are at. A thrash is for everyone to join in. While we encourage it, you don't need to perform if you dont want to.

Mr George Formby OBE

Here's Our Hero

Mr. George Formby

Life for George began in Wigan, Lancashire, when he was born on 26 May 1904. He was an English actor, comedien and singer/songwriter who through his films, became known to a worldwide audience in the 1930s and 1940s. On stage, screen and record he sang light, comical songs, usually playing the ukulele or banjolele, and became the UK's highest-paid entertainer.

" He portrayed a good-natured, but accident-prone and incompetent Lancastrian, who was often in a skilled trade, or the services. The plots were geared to Formby trying to achieve success in a field unfamiliar to him (in horse racing, the TT Races, as a spy or a policeman), and by winning the affections of a middle-class girl in the process. Interspersed throughout each film is a series of songs by Formby, in which he plays the banjolele or ukulele. "

Use these links to find out more!

The links above will provide you with a great choice of destinations for learning all about George Formby,from the massive gathering on Facebook and Twitter to the fantastic George Formby Society, established in 1961 after George's unexpected passing. Take some time to browse those links, join up with Formby Facebook fans from all over the world. Then stop by the George Formby Society Shop for a gander at whats on offer!

Our Membership

Some of Our Enthusiastic Formby Nuts

The Scottish Formby Group is kept alive by its membership, without whome, it would not exist.
Here are a few of the faces you will encounter while attending and a little about them. (Hover your mouse over the image).

Tamquam Postulan

Nick is a co-founder member of the Scottish Formby Group.

Nick MacIvor
SFG - Co-Founder
Ipuseme Team Person

Scott is a co-founder member of the Scottish Formby Group.

Scott Barker
SFG - Co-Founder
David Becaham

James is a long-time member of the Scottish Formby Group.

James Taylor
Formby Nut
Loura Paul

Angus is a long-time member of the Scottish Formby Group.

Angus Lamont
Formby Fanatic

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